Decoding the Present

Reasons for Optimism

by Dean Adams Curtis
Editor of and

Indiana trees


Now that a global climate change treaty has been agreed to, the countries of Earth are poised to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. Everyone on the planet now has reason for optimism about the future.

President Obama has done what he could, while faced with a do-nothing U.S. Congress filled with Republican climate-change denyers.

istoreco2 is hopeful that 2017 will be a year when earnest efforts meet new investments to reduce emssions of carbon and methane.

Each nation has agreed to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, to cap them. How well each nation does at meeting their self-imposed limit will now be reported, and will be tracked by the international community. The total amount of greenhouse gas emitted by each country will be reduced. But how?

Each nation will decide the best way to meet these emission limits. Some may institute carbon taxes. Others will cap the amount various population centers and industries can put into the atmosphere.

Some people and industries will be innovators and will limit their emissions more than they are required to do. By doing this they will earn credits, which will be worth money. Their worth will be based upon the number of people and industries that are not able to reduce their emissions enough to meet caps and need to buy credits to offset their excess greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many global warming denyers who need not be mentioned. They buck and snort that its a vast conspiracy. Hopefully, however, denyers will cause no further foot-dragging.

Most people on our glorious planet have faced up to our shared responsibility to re-envision, and then re-engineer, our activities to stay well under the limits imposed by Nature on us.

We've had the revelation that we're all passengers on Spaceship Earth.

Tree on a U.S. lane

The twenty-plus years it took to negotiate the climate change treaty has yielded a well thought out roadmap that will help Earth's nations and their peoples to put the brake on devistating climate change.

We can now envision a near future when the vast majority of cars on the road are autonomous electric vehicles. And when these EVs are in their garages or carports their batteries will also provide power to buildings and electric grids, as needed.

Darjeeling trees, India

istoreco2 will offer guidance for individuals and organizations on carbon offset trading that leads to validated sequestration and in many cases which help life individuals out of poverty.

We also provide information about carbon tax plans.

Trees sequester CO2 through photosynthesis.

In California a decade ago, the state assembly passed a bill called AB 32. The law helped Californian's journey toward a cap and trade program, as was described in the final paragraph of this article's column one.

One of the most important things you can do is engage with your local political process to insure your region is doing its share of CO2 and methane emission reductions.

Trees. What's not to like?